Blogging is a way to inform your audience about products. In a blog post, you can show how to use a product and why people should buy it. Blog extension for Magento 2 features a wide range of...
Support: 4.2/5
最终先进的谷歌地图扩展为Magento允许显示您的商店位置在一个视觉上吸引谷歌地图与一个新的外观, 位置信息标记, 以及基于位置的建筑...
Support: 4.2/5

The Best 线上购物的扩展 - Improve Your Website and Succeed

Businesses must adapt to the modern world in all areas. 数字化极大地影响了公司的运营方式,包括交易方式. 销售额每年都在变化,现在我们看到了在线商店出现的趋势. Online trading started from small sites or pages. However, now eCommerce has changed significantly, 拥有数百种便利购物功能和工具的大型市场正在创建,以销售商品. Magento CMS是一个很好的解决方案,建立一个功能齐全的web资源没有麻烦. 该平台的第二个版本中包含了许多Magento扩展,以最大程度地增强所有功能.

It offers unparalleled functionality and customization potential for your store. Given our design and development experience, 我们不能简单地错过这个为Magento 2社区提供最佳解决方案的好机会. 经验丰富的开发人员精心设计满足所有主要需求的最佳模块:出色的代码, 很棒的功能, 直观管理.

和产品一起, 你可以专注于提供有吸引力的产品和增加你的收入流,而不用担心实现这些目标所需的工具. 这种方法可以让你依靠世界范围内的用户,增加几倍的收入,同时拒绝支付网页工作室和设计师从头开始开发. How to work with the platform, and what is the value of extensions? 我们现在就来看看!

所有关于Magento CMS

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. 它有一个开源代码,并为管理在线商店提供了充足的机会. CMS gives full control over the resource's content, provides a flexible system for setting up a shopping cart, and allows you to implement several payment systems.

Moreover, 该平台使您能够创建不同规模的市场,并销售各种数量的产品. The number of Magento 2 modules is also impressive, so you will definitely find a solution to expand the functionality. Another advantage is that CMS is pretty good at SEO page optimization, so fast promotion through search engines is guaranteed.

Advanced developers will love CMS because it's easy to use. 当然,要处理这个平台,您需要一定的编码技能和IT知识. However, 许多插件使得无需编程即可轻松完成所有任务并引入新的独特功能.

Pay attention to other advantages of the platform:

  • 大量用于跟踪分析的工具,以增加销售并在客户中获得信誉.
  • 能够同时使用多种流行的支付系统,包括PayPal和Stripe.
  • A multilingual and multi-currency environment.
  • 现成的可用性 website themes for launching a web page without the hassle of developing a design and structure.
  • 用户帐户的广泛可能性, for example, the exhibition of ratings and the formation of a wish list.
  • Generation of discounts, coupons, and loyalty programs for regular customers.
  • Lots of Magento extensions to improve the basic functionality of the digital store.


Magento is in high demand among users due to the wide possibilities for eCommerce. 系统中有很多工具可以用来改善和发展你的业务, 吸引顾客, and provide them with an enjoyable shopping experience. However, the platform's potential is not limited to its basic characteristics. 开发人员为那些努力在销售领域获得最佳表现的人准备了模块.

Magento的扩展是开发用于增强或添加在线商店功能的代码包. 他们可以把各种各样的花里胡哨融入到网站中,给顾客一个愉快的购物体验. 因为CMS非常灵活, easy to use, and adaptive, 几乎任何功能都可以集成到它中,使您的公司尽可能方便访问者. 其主要优点是不需要为自己编写代码而绞尽脑汁. Real professionals have already prepared everything for you, so all that's left is to install and activate the plugin to enjoy the workflow.

The variety of ready-made addons is impressive. There are ready-made solutions for the online store's front and back end. 插件是完美的 检查页面 and finding broken links to simplify many operations for your company's staff. Rest assured that with plugins, fast, error-free performance is guaranteed!

In terms of the possibilities that the modules offer buyers, extension developers have outdone themselves! 想要实现很酷的签出工具, 创建优惠券和折扣系统, or provide reliable customer data protection? 那么如何整合第三方服务呢,比如支付系统或社交网络? All this is within the power of Magento 2 addons! Ensure your digital shop acquires unique features in just a few clicks.


Magento扩展是IT技术中真正的超级英雄,因为几乎任何任务对它们来说都只是小事. Plugins have a wide range of uses and help add different features. Some solutions are designed to do small tweaks to the page, such as adding social media integration or a newsletter popup form. Others, in turn, 彻底改变资源, 引入注册个人账户或礼品券系统的可能性.

事实上,CMS提供的解决方案,确保完整的数字存储安全不能被低估. 为什么它很重要?? 统计数据显示,由于身份被盗,网民经常对网上购物持谨慎态度. 使用其中一个模块来保护客户的信用